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Investment Management

Holistic wealth management blends active financial planning with ongoing investment portfolio management.

Both are monitored and adjusted as our client’s wealth and circumstances change.
At Werth Weil Wealth Management, we begin by looking at these factors:

What is your Risk Tolerance?

How comfortable you are with market fluctuations?

What is your Time Horizon?

When do you expect to use the money you are saving and investing?

What are your Personal Goals?

Once we understand risk, time, and goals, we can start to build an investment portfolio that looks at all of our client’s assets.

Once we understand risk, time, and goals, we can start to build an investment portfolio that looks at all of our client’s assets.

This strategy incorporates multiple types of accounts, registrations, custodians, and assets, both managed and non-managed. We also search for ways to find tax-efficient outcomes. Taking these factors into consideration allows our client’s planning and investment goals to work in unison to create better outcomes.

After taking all of these factors into account, we build an asset allocation that balances our clients' return objectives with the appropriate amount of risk.  Asset allocation is the blending of different types of investments that contribute to a positive return while attempting to minimize market downturns.

Our investment selection process for each client is predicated on the fact that no two clients are the same. We customize each portfolio based on our client’s unique set of circumstances.

It has been our experience that alternative investments can play a valuable role in our client’s portfolio.  Alternative investments may include real estate, option based strategies, credit strategies, and structured notes to name a few.   Alternative investments can help reduce risk and provide returns from sources other than stocks and bonds.

We believe there are a lot of great ideas and managers, so why limit our investment choices. By being independent we are not restricted to a list of investments from a particular company or manager.

By partnering with Dynamic, we have the ability to access research from several top firms, as well as use the capabilities of Dynamic’s in-house investment team.

We are proactive in our search for managers and ideas that can bring value to you, our clients. We fit investments into your portfolio based upon your specific goals, the appropriate amount of risk for you, and when you want to have the CHOICE to use the money you have saved and invested.

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